Bicycle / ATV Registration

Bicycle Registration

The Sidney Police Department offers citizens the ability to register their bicycles with the Department in order to assist in the recovery, identification and return of lost or stolen bicycles.

  • To register your bicycle, complete the Sidney Police Department Bicycle Registration Form (PDF) and return it to the Police Department.
    • Forms are also available at the Sidney Police Department Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • The descriptive information on the form will be entered into our database.
  •  You do not need to bring your bicycle to the Police Department.

ATV Registration

If citizens wish to operate their ATV on City Streets, they can register their ATV(s) with the Police Department. There are specific requirements for registering an ATV.

  • The ATV must have:
    • Four wheels
    • An operating speedometer
    • Functional headlight and taillight
    • A bicycle safety flag attached to the rear of the ATV that meets the following:
      • Triangle in shape
      • Not less than 30 square inches
      • Day-glo color
      • The top of the flag must be at least five feet above the ground
    • Current and valid liability insurance
  • The ATV operator must have a valid Class "O" Operator's License

You will be provided a ATV Registration Sticker that must be affixed to the ATV.

ATV Registration Fees

January 1st - June 30th
July 1st - December 31st