• The Investigations Bureau is comprised of two Investigators who have received specialized training in interviews and interrogations, crime scene processing, evidence handling and many other specialized areas.
  • The Investigators work closely with the Patrol Officers, School Resource Officer (SRO) and outside agencies to collaborate on many of the cases that come to the attention of the Department.

Person/Property Crimes

  • One Investigator is primarily assigned to investigate crimes against persons and property, such as Assaults, Burglaries and Thefts.
  • Additionally, this investigator is responsible for the handling of all of the evidence that is generated by the department and ensuring evidence is submitted to the proper entities for forensic examination.
  • Not all crimes are assigned to an Investigator, Patrol Officers are encouraged to work cases as far as possible before passing them on to the Investigator.


  • WING is the Western Nebraska Intelligence and Narcotics Group Drug Task Force and is comprised of several Panhandle Agencies that pool resources to combat illegal narcotic trafficking.
  • One Investigator is assigned full-time to WING and the City receives partial salary reimbursement via grant funding.
  • Participation in WING allows the participating agencies to take a systematic and coordinated approach to curbing the manufacture, distribution and use of illegal narcotics throughout the Panhandle.