Animal Control

  • Animal Control is the responsibility of the Sidney Police Department's Code Enforcement Officer (CEO).
  • The CEO is responsible for investigating animal complaints, reports of animal abuse/neglect and dealing with animals at large.
  • To report a problem with an animal, call the CCECC at (308) 254-5515.
  • Animals that are running at large are in violation of City Ordinance and will be impounded.
    • The owners are subject to a fine and responsible for impound fees as well.
  • Animals that are impounded and not claimed may be adopted out.
    • If interested in adopting an impounded animal, please contact the Sidney Police Department.

Pet Licensing

  • All dogs that are housed inside the City Limits must have a Dog License issued by the Police Department.
  • Each residence is allowed up to 3 dogs.
  • In order to obtain a dog license(s), each dog must have proof of rabies vaccination.
  • Dog permits expire December 31st of each year.

Fees for Dog Permits

Dog Type
If Purchased Prior to March 1st
If Purchased After March 1st
Spayed Female
No Charge
$ 6
Neutered Male
No Charge
$ 6
Intact Female
Intact Male