Code Enforcement

  • The Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) is responsible for ensuring various City Ordinances relating to Safety, Sanitation and Health are adhered to.
  • The CEO works closely with citizens, other City Departments and the City Prosecutor to bring violations into compliance.
  • The CEO provides notice to residents that are in violation of the ordinances regarding these issues and allows for ample time for the resident to correct the issue.
    • If the issue is not corrected by the resident, the matter is referred to the City Prosecutor for further action.
    • After proper judicial proceedings, the City may arrange for the correction of the issues and bill the property owner for the actual costs of abatement.


  • Weeds are addressed in Chapter 678 of the City of Sidney Ordinances.
  • Grass and weeds must be maintained and cannot be allowed to grow over 12 inches in height.
  • Bindweed, Puncture Vine and other noxious weeds must be controlled as well.

Filthy Accumulations

  • Filthy Accumulations are addressed in Ordinance 660.01 of the City of Sidney Ordinances.
  • Filthy Accumulations are generally: Building rubbish, garbage, refuse, solid waste, lawn trimmings, dead leaves, trees and shrubbery and any condition that gives off offensive odors.

Unlicensed/Inoperable Vehicles

  • Unlicensed/Inoperable Vehicles are prohibited in Ordinance 660.02 of the City of Sidney Ordinances.
  • This ordinance ensures that machines, parts of machines, vehicles and parts of vehicles that are either unlicensed or lost their identity, character, utility or serviceability or unable to perform their intended function do not become a blight on the City.