Historic Preservation Board


  • Noon
  • Meets on the second Tuesday of every month
  • Meets at City Hall


  • Kelcey Cottrell
  • Melissa Norgard
  • Victoria Loghry
  • John Phillips
  • Sarah Elston
  • Megan DeNardo
  • Vacant


The purpose of the City of Sidney Historic Preservation Board is to work in cooperation with property owners and city officials to ensure that the character and integrity of historically significant sites and structures are preserved for all present and future citizens of our community.

The Historic Preservation Board consists of seven members appointed for 3 year terms by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council.  Four of the seven members must be owners of real estate designated as historical or within a historical district.

The Board is responsible for the designation, preservation, protection, enhancement and to perpetuate those structures representing the heritage of the City.

The Economic Development Director serves as the Administrator of the Board and the City Manager serves as its advisor.

Certificate of Approval & Design Review Process

An application for Certificate of Approval must be filed in the instance that a property owner wishes to make a change to the facade of a building within the National Register Historic District or to a property/site that has been designated as a Local Landmark.

The application must be filed with the Historic Preservation Board at least seven (7) days prior to the Board’s regular monthly meeting, which is on the second Tuesday of each month. Applications can be obtained online (PDF) or at City Hall from the Office of the Economic Development Director.

Once an application is filed, the Board will review the application at the next meeting. If the application is approved by the Board, the certificate will be signed and the property owner will be notified of the approval. Property owners are invited and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings in order to answer any questions or concerns regarding their filed application.

For additional information or information regarding the Facade Grant Program, please contact the Economic Development Director at City Hall or by calling 308-254-8455.

Sidney Preservation Plan

In 2012, the City of Sidney Historic Preservation Board was awarded a CLG grant from the State Historic Preservation Office in partnership with the National Parks Service to prepare a Preservation Plan (PDF). The Preservation Plan was prepared over the course of a year and involved several public meetings and a workshop. The Plan outlines goals and objectives for the City’s Preservation program.