Golf Course Master Plan 2012

What is a Master Plan?

As a means of establishing a baseline, it is necessary to understand a Master Plan, it's purpose, and why a golf course should have one. A Master Plan is a graphic and written display identifying issues, problems and areas of opportunity in the golf course facility, put into historical context, to serve as a road map for future improvements, developed with an outside, non-biased perspective.

To more fully understand what a Master Plan is, it is often useful to explain what a Master Plan is not:

  • It is not a change for the sake of change
  • It is not an excuse to spend money
  • It is not a haphazard collection of individuals' ideas

In short, it is because golf is a business! Real issues continue to affect the golf industry today and continue on in to the future. Rising costs of resources, new competition, failing greens or bunkers, even safety issues due to longer distances a golf ball travels all weigh heavily on the idea that golf is a business.

The City of Sidney 2012 Hillside Golf Course Master Plan

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