Power Plant History

"From the humble beginning of 2 arc-lights and a handful of 32 candle power lights for the downtown streets in 1906 to what we have today is incredible!" 

The original Sidney Power Plant was built in 1906 in the 11th Avenue and Jackson Street area. The original two engines were steam generating, producing DC current and very small compared to today's engines.

In 1915 the existing plant was built at its present location on the corner of Hickory Street and 11th Avenue. While the engines were still running on steam there was a steam trunk system installed underground throughout the downtown area which was used to heat the existing hotels and restaurants.

During the early 1940s the engines were converted to run on diesel and 20 years later converted again to run on both diesel and natural gas.

Current Engines

There are presently five engines in the plant ranging in age from a 1931 to the newest which is a 1955 model.