Crime Mapping

NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System)

NIBRS is utilized by the FBI to compile consistent crime statistics on a nationwide basis despite variations in statutes and laws between the States and local jurisdictions.

In order to standardize reporting, NIBRS categorizes offenses into two groups: Group A Offenses and Group B Offenses.

  • Group A is comprised of 22 Offense Categories that contain 46 specific crimes and are typically the more serious crimes. The fact the offense occurred and arrest data is reported for all Group A Offenses.
  • Group B is comprised of 11 Offense Categories of less serious crimes. Only arrest data is reported for Group B Offenses.

Crime Mapping

The map below shows the location of NIBRS Offenses reported to the Sidney Police Department during a specific calendar month. This crime data is reported to the State of Nebraska on a monthly basis. Once the State of Nebraska has validated the crime data, we will update the map to reflect the most recently available data.

The locations shown on the map are approximate and may or may not depict the actual physical location where the offense took place. This may be due to the way Google Maps plots the address or could be due to reporting requirements.

This is an experimental feature the Sidney Police Department is testing, therefore all data should be considered for informational purposes only.

You can click on any of the icons and view more details for each of the offenses.

You may also zoom in and out using the plus and minus signs on the map.