Comprehensive Plan


The City of Sidney adopted its first 2012 Comprehensive Plan in February, 2012. Two years of planning work went into the document that will serve as the community plan of action over the next decade. After each new federal census is adopted, the City of Sidney goes through a new planning process to update its goals and objectives for moving the community forward and to do proper planning to accommodate growth and progress. The Plan is required by State Law.

The process starts with a community wide survey of every household to gauge public opinion on a number of community issues. It then goes through a series of workshops with the city staff, Planning Commission and citizens before being passed on to the City Council for final action.

The Comprehensive Plan is considered a work in progress and may be modified to adjust to future needs and goals. Many community demographics can also be found in the different sections of the Plan, along with the goals and objectives. You may access this information on the link below.

The City of Sidney 2023 Comprehensive Plan

Please allow time for these files to upload as some are very large.