1. Administration

    Read about the General Administration Department.

  2. Building | Planning & Zoning

    Find more about the Planning & Zoning Department.

  3. Cemetery

    Get information about Greenwood Cemetery.

  4. Community Development

    Find out more about the Community Development Department.

  5. Economic Development

    Find more information about the Economic Development Department.

  6. Electric Distribution

    Find out more about the Sidney's Electric Distribution Department.

  7. Electric Generation (Power Plant)

    Find out more about the Electric Generation Department.

  8. Fire

    Find out more about how the Sidney Fire Department works.

  9. GIS

    Read about Sidney's Geographic Information System.

  10. Golf

    Read about the Hillside Golf and learn about the course.

  11. Human Resources

    Find out more about the Human Resources Department.

  1. Library

    Learn more about Sidney's public library.

  2. Parks

    Learn more about the Sidney Park's Department and discover its beautiful parks and amenities.

  3. Police

    Learn about the different functions of the Sidney Police Department.

  4. Public Services

    Read about Public Services and the Departments that fall under the supervision of the Director.

  5. Public Transportation

    Find more information about Sidney's public transportation and their services.

  6. Sewer

    Read about the Sidney Sewer Department.

  7. Solid Waste | Landfill

    Get more details on our landfill and solid waste operations.

  8. Streets

    Read about the Sidney Street Department.

  9. Swimming Pool

    Get useful information about the swimming pool.

  10. Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Find out more about the Wastewater Department.

  11. Water

    Learn about Sidney's water system and how it works.