1. Attractions

    The City of Sidney is home to several attractions unique to Sidney.

  2. Education

    Find information about Sidney Public Schools and the Western Nebraska Community College Sidney campus.

  3. Events

    Get details about events that go on in the area of Sidney.

  4. Health Facilities

    Learn about the local health facilities.

  5. Housing

    The City of Sidney is a Fair Housing City by Ordinance 1689 Chapter 622.

  6. Community Links

    Access informative quick links provided by the city.

  7. Real Estate Locator

    Browse available real estate in the City of Sidney.

  8. Property Values

    This link allows you to look up assessed values through the Cheyenne County GIS service.

  9. Recreation

    Check out the recreation opportunities in the City of Sidney.

  10. Transportation

    Sidney has one of the most unique logistics systems in Midwest American with 3 railroads and 4 major highways.

  11. Utilities

    The City of Sidney provides complete utility services, including electric, water, sewer (wastewater), trash (solid waste) collection, and stormwater services.